Weaving Dream 58 was born in June 2014 (www.dede58.com), in order to provide the source code to share and weaving dreams often encountered in the process of building a summary of the solution for the main purpose. Weaving Dream 58 content involves: enterprise class weave dream source, portal class weave dream source, and studio or blog class imitation and other styles. Weaving Dream 58 will be shared, comprehensive, professional, depth, free of the diversified direction, to create practical and efficient Jianzhan experience for members and users to provide high-quality services. Weaving Dream 58 Thanks to the numerous concerns, support our members and visitors, thank you for your trust. Young weaving Dream 58 is willing to with the same vibrant you, accompanied by each other and grow together! Weaving Dream 58 only concentrate on doing one thing, is to do a complete weaving Dreamweaver source code! Although we have not accumulated too much user reputation and market share, but we have been working to maintain a good source every day to update all walks of life, so that has become a lot of dream lovers habits. I believe that through our efforts, dede58 will be getting better and bet



Sino-German combination of strength

By Yao Wenjiang tile importers, China and Europe's largest T.Trading GmbH Group Director Alexander Robert Stenzel joint venture was founded. In the United States, and Sweden and the Netherlands, and India, Hong Kong, Italy has set up branches and offices, and established an international production team, the New York Design Studio, and Italy manufacturing facilities and product testing center.


Specialized products to win

Modern minimalist style, suitable for all kinds of fashion and personality of commercial projects, both indoor and outdoor applications, wall coverings, such as, "2CM+1CM" only quartz tiles are able to meet individual requirements. It is waste utilization, recycling resources, is radiation-free green environmental protection product.

Leading the international forefront of design

The world's first 2CM quartz tile, follow the trend of the times and the aesthetic tastes of Italy design concept from the United States led by famous designer Michael Golden r, and relying on the global resources, occupies the most cutting-edge information and development advantages, continue to lead the international forefront of design trends.


Six technical quality to be

Now form a silica brick quality control of proprietary technology, including 2 invention patents, proprietary technologies, 6 1 first technology. Synchronized international production technology, implementation of strict international quality control standards, forged the only quartz tiles inside, low water absorption and excellent quality with high wear resistance.

Would Like To Meet You

Cellar building material adhering to the concept of creating value for the customer cooperation, all like-minded people. Six advantages of pit building materials and support, let us win-win, together!



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    好运生肖鼠来宝 新春购彩季顶呱刮新票齐上阵

    不知不觉已经进入腊月 春节的脚步愈发近了 作为新春购彩季的头炮 中国范儿 您是不是已经上手体验了? 临近春节 什么元素才能体现 咱们的中国范儿? 春联,中国结 鞭炮,红灯笼...

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    篮网动态:前一场比赛输给猛龙之后,篮网已经遭遇了 5 连败,胜率跌破 5 成,在东部的排名一路下滑到第 7 名。篮网最近连败的主要原因是防守糟糕,他们目前场均失分达到了 112...

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    大乐透第20002期开出6注一等奖 筹集公益金1.13亿

    1月4日,体彩大乐透第20002期开奖,前区开出号码03、07、18、25、30,后区开出号码02、07。本期通过3.14亿元的全国发行量,为社会筹集彩票公益金1.13亿元。 本期全国共开出6注一等奖。...

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